Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today is November...the 1

Happy Nano Day! Or is it?

Today marks the second year in which I will venture into the world of writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Can I do it? I did it last year. I'm optimistic that I can do it again. Maybe. Hopefully. We'll see.

Actually, I'm pretty prepared. I've spent the last few months tweaking notes, outlines, characters, etc until I'm blue in the face with a whole other world floating in my head. Of course, the fact that I decided to change the names and sexual orientation of two of my minor characters last night only added to my insanity. Did I mention I'm insane? I am.

It's good though. I feel good about this endeavor. I'm ready. Hell, I've already written 723 words. And I have a plan. A good one. One that I hope will see, not only 50,000 words written by the end of the month, but maybe the whole novel. That would be amazing. Epic. Novel worthy.

So my plan is this. For the past month I've been working on my "beat sheet", a little tip I picked up from Storyfix and their countdown to Nano. It's an outline, but in my head it's a glorified outline. I made a list of all the important points/scenes of my novel, with bullet point notes below each. I ended up with twenty four pages worth. Each page has five points and sub points listed on it. My goal is to write a least one page worth of notes a day. If I can do that, 24 pages in 24 days, then I'll have written my novel.


A novel. I will have written a novel!

Why am I still talking to you? I have four more "points" to write about today. I have to run!!!