Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The return of you thought I was going to say mack

I have returned to my blog after a miniature hiatus. Yes, I realize that from January to well, the last day of August doesn't render itself as a "miniature" hiatus. In my book it does. It means I haven't long forgotten about my precious little blog.

With that being said, it's appeared I've come to a fork in the road with my writing. All right, I'll be honest. I haven't even begun the writing process but the fact that I'm deliberating the writing process deserves a little credit. So, the dilemma at hand. Prose, tense, alternating POV' get the idea.

I've been doing A LOT of reading during my time off from blogging. My Nook and I have an exclusive relationship that even my new HP Touchpad can't come between. Between girly chick lit books, series that- in my honest opinion were better than Twilight- and feel good reads, I've come to admire the different approaches to writing technique. Which is I guess the point when seasoned or newbie published authors tell you to read anything and everything you can get your hands on. But the problem I'm faced with is, what works best?

In the story I'm currently brewing for my NANO project, I'm at a point where at one time I knew I wanted to do third person so that I could incorporate the thoughts of both of my main characters. However, upon reading some third person, I can't help but feel detached from them in a way. When I read first person whether it's past or present tense, I always feel more connected to the narrator. With that being said, if I were to choose first person for my little nugget of a story, both sides need to have the chance to be told. There is too much going on between the two love birds in my story to only pick one voice for the novel.

So what's a girl to do?

What are your thoughts? In novels, do you appreciate alternating POV's or should I just stick with third person and try and make it so that the reader doesn't feel detachment toward my characters?